Stride Box review: great holiday gift for runners

Press sample

 Before opening.

Before opening.


The nice folks at Stride Box sent me 3 sample boxes to review. Before I get into the nitty gritty of what each box contained, I'll cut to the chase. A Stride Box subscription would make a GREAT gift for any runner. I wish someone would get me one!

A monthly subscription costs $15. Each box contains a variety of runners' goodies, clothing and/or samples, plus a card with recipes on one side and workouts on the other – a fun way to mix up your routine and get to know other running resources. In addition, you receive a cute sticker with a motivational message. Many of the retailers offer a discount code if you want to purchase more of their product.

Unlike many subscription boxes, the coolest thing about Stride Box is that you are really getting more than your money's worth. I did the math, and each of the 3 boxes had a retail value of way more than $15 monthly price: $21.31, to be exact. Of the 22 total items I received, there was only 1 or 2 that I probably won't end up eating/using and even then, I know runners who will use them. 

I like Stride Box for several reasons

  • Runners are always fine-tuning their gear and nutrition. This is a great way to try new products without breaking the bank. It's perfect for marathon training – you can practice your fueling with the various gels, powders and chews and see what works best for you, then stock up (at a discount, presumably) before your big race.
  • It's like getting a surprise package in the mail each month. It's just fun to come home to a Stride Box full of happiness, nestled amidst the bills and junk mail
  • The vast majority (97%) of the items featured are quality and are well-known/proven.
  • It's actually worth the money, as I mentioned

Here's the breakdown of what came in each box and the retail cost versus $15 monthly box cost. My 3 favorite items from each box are marked with an asterisk*




StrideBox 1 (Product/Retail Value)

Goodies from Stride Box 1
  • Bonk Breaker Bar (Mint Chocolate Chip) / $2.49 *
  • Hammer Gel (Apple Cinnamon) / $1.40
  • VFuel Endurance Drink Mix (Ginger Twist) / $2.07
  • Essentials 3M Reflective Shoelaces / $6.95 *
  • GU Chews (Blueberry Pomegranate) /~$2 *
  • Run Gum x 2 (Mint and Fruit) /$1.87 x 2 = $3.75
  • Sticker: "It's only cold if you're standing still." / Free


StrideBox 2 (Product/Retail Value)

      Goodies from Stride Box 2

    Goodies from Stride Box 2

    • New Grounds Coffee Bar (Caramel Macchiato) / $3.00*
    • Tail Wind Endurance Fuel (Berry) / $2.29
    • Evoke Organic Muesli (Athlete Fuel) / $1.99
    • Pjur Active Anti-Chafing Gel / $2.40
    • Extreme Sports Beans (Cherry) / $1.30 x 2 = $2.60 *
    • SPORTea / $1.43 (per bag, yes really)
    • Rundana / $11.99 *
    • Sticker/ Free



    StrideBox 3 (Product/Retail Value)

      Goodies from Stride Box 3

    Goodies from Stride Box 3

    • HotShot Anti-Muscle Cramp Drink / $5.41
    • Power Bar Protein Snack Bar (Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp) / $1.79
    • Nature Nate's Raw and Unfiltered Honey Packet / $0.27
    • Cal-EZ Supplement x 2 / $0.86
    • Foods Alive (Lemon Chia-Crunch) / $1.70*
    • Accel Gel (Key Lime) / $1.33*
    • Yogi Tea (Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy & Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy) plus $1 off coupon / $0.62
    • StrideBox LEFD Water Resistant Armband / $12.99*
    • Sticker / Free



    What I've tried so far from Stride Box

    I wanted to post this review well in advance of the holidays because it truly is a great gift idea for runners. This said, It was impossible to try everything in the boxes I received in such a short time. I'll post Instagram photos and mini-reviews as I try more products. For now, here's what I've tried so far with brief thoughts:

    • Rundana –awesome neckwarmer on cold run. Love this. Like a Buff but less expensive. Kept my neck toasty warm on the coldest run of the year so far.
    • Run Gum – Fruit flavor, during 12/10 long run - Gave me a little caffeine boost, nothing ground breaking but I didn't bonk on my run. Nice flavor.
    • Cal EZ – 100% of USDA of calcium and vitamin D. I dissolved mine in water. Neutral taste but texture was ever-so-slightly chalky. They recommend mixing it into orange juice but I don't really like OJ. I'd rather take a vitamin, but it was fun to try.
    • Yogi Tea, Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy - Drank this with a splash of soy milk in the midst of a bad cold. It was subtly spicy and tasted less medicinal than most Yogi teas.  
     Sample workout/recipe card that comes in each box. This workout from  Peanut Butter Runner  looks like a toughie!

    Sample workout/recipe card that comes in each box. This workout from Peanut Butter Runner looks like a toughie!

    Have you tried Stride Box?