January running wear sale haul and sale round-up

running sale round up

I run 6 days a week and hit the gym 2 or 3 times a week for strength/cross training. I also live in Philadelphia, a city that experiences the range of temperatures that comes with 4 distinct seasons; year-round runners like me have to have to be prepared to run in every temperature. That adds up to a lot of workout clothing, and I go through a ton in a week.

To save a few bucks, I try to purchase most of my gear at the end-of-season sales. Here are a few items I picked up last week, one at Old Navy and the rest via the ASICS web site. I thought it would be fun to share my "haul" to show you that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to outfit your runs. Plus, it's voyeuristically fun to see what other people buy. 

Note: I purchased all of these items with no incentives. I have no ambassador ties to ASICS or Old Navy. I just like their running stuff and their prices, and I thought I'd share the love. 

ASICS clearance sale

ASICS makes quality running wear and they are having a fantastic clearance sale online. If you sign up for their newsletter, they often send additional coupon codes. 


 ASICS neon pink gloves.

ASICS neon pink gloves.

I need a few more pairs of running gloves to get me through this winter. I had bought a pair of these exact touchscreen gloves in pink, when I ran the NYC Marathon. The only difference was the the marathon gloves had a different NYC borough printed on each finger. That and they cost a lot more since I bought them as a souvenir at the expo! 

I loved those gloves and wore them all the time; they have touchscreen fingers so you can use your phone without having to remove your glove – useful in winter weather – plus they're super warm are such a happy, tropical shade of neon pink. Sadly, one of the 2 gloves mysteriously disappeared. (I keep holding out hope that it will reemerge one day,  from hiding between the folds of a tucked away sheet set or duvet cover.)

So, imagine how thrilled I was to grab these gloves on the ASICS site for only $5. All sizes but large are sold out on the ASICS site, but you can still buy them here

Running Vest


Here's an item I didn't need but had coveted for a long time. Many runners talked about the benefits of wearing a vest in the winter instead of a coat. Makes sense since It keeps your core warm while leaving your arms free. Plus, the zipper acts as a damper, allowing you to cool off or keep warm as needed. Decent vests usually cost $100+, so when I saw this cute reversible black/pink vest on ASICS for only $34 (regular $80), I grabbed it. This color option is sold out but other colors are available.

Arm warmers/arm sleeves 


I often wear arm warmers in spring and fall and when racing. I also use them as "throwaways" during marathons – when you are freezing at the start, but too warm in the middle miles. I grabbed two pairs: One bright pink one for $6 (regular $12) to match my Philadelphia Runner Track Club uniform and another purple patterned pair for $9 (regular $24), lined with fleece for $12 – which I will NOT be using as a throwaway. These were the first arm warmers I've ever seen with a thumbhole, a feature I love, and they're so warm. Both are still available at this price on the ASICS site. More arm warmer options are here.


Some of my running hats are starting to show signs of wear and tear. I picked up this fleece beanie for $9 (regular $22). I love the ponytail loop. Sorry, it's sold out on ASICS. But if you must have the exact, it's still available on Amazon for full price.


Running bra

I mention in my gear section that I like Old Navy fitness wear. This may surprise you, but don't judge: they share the same parent company as Lululemon and Athleta. The elastic on several of my running bras has seen better days, so I grabbed this cute red and purple number for just $9 at a retail Old Navy. (Looking back, I wish I'd picked up a few more.) Stuff at retail shops has been largely picked over, but the clearance sale online is still going full-force with many inexpensive options. (Actually, their full price options are inexpensive.) I may pick up a few more pairs of tights.


Other running apparel sales

A quick search revealed that several other running outfitters are also having clearance sales:

  • RoadRunner Sports One of my very favorite sources. I have the VIP membership and it quickly pays for itself. I buy most of my shoes via RoadRunner Sports, too.
  • Nike Discounts, but not as deeply discounted as other companies.
  • Adidas This is another company that often offers percentages off if you sign up for their newsletter.
  • Saucony 20% off your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Hint about newsletters. You can always unsubscribe if you don't fancy having your inbox flooded with running apparel newsletters.  

Did you indulge in any of the post-holiday running gear sales? What did you get?