this week's workouts

 58 degrees early in the morning. Steam rising from the Schuylkill River. 

58 degrees early in the morning. Steam rising from the Schuylkill River. 

This week was a cut-back week for me. Most runners do 3 weeks "on" with 1 week of lower mileage and intensity, but my coach and I have found that as a masters runner, I do much better with 2 weeks on and 1 week off. My "on" weeks are hard – either in terms of mileage, intensity or both. My "off" weeks are less intense and provide my body and brain with a much-needed rest. It's super important to find what works for you. So far, this ratio is working for me.

Here's what last week's workouts looked like:


  • 4.05 mile Aerobic Run: I was totally zapped from the previous day's long run with a 10K hard tempo for the middle miles, so I listened to my body and ran super slow for me, 8:47 pace. It felt good.


  • 5 Mile Hill Workout: I actually love hill workouts, and don't mind doing them on the treadmill. 2 miles easy, 5 x 45-second hill repeats at 6% grade at 7:19ish pace, some faster, brief recoveries in between, then easy miles to cool down.
  • 52 minutes of strength work at gym The usual suspects: core, stabilizing muscles, etc


  • 4.36-mile Aerobic Run. It was 58 degrees! I ran in shorts – in the middle of February. 8:07 pace. Legs were tired after the hill workout, but running definitely helped clear out my legs. So life-affirming.


  • 4.33-mile Aerobic Run with strides at finish. Did this on the treadmill at the gym because unlike Wednesday, it was freezing out and icy. Just for shiggles, I played with the incline on the treadmill, shifting it from .5 to 2% on and off, in no specific pattern. Average page was 8:22. Finished with strides on the gym track.
  • 52 minutes of Strength Work at gym


  • 5-mile tempo progression run. Again, did this one on the 'mill at the gym because it was icy out and I am becoming a wimp (That and who wants to fall on their assets on black ice?). Ran easy for 3.5 miles and did last 1.5 miles at progression pace, starting at 7:20 and ending at 6:55. The slow, easy miles seem longer on the mill, but the fast miles also seem to go faster. Go figure.  Average pace was 8:14.


  • 16-mile long run. This run was purely for time on my feet, with no emphasis on pace, a nice respite, since my long runs usually involve some extra twists like pickups, progressions, or intervals. Luckily, my friend Sloan ran with me and it made the miles pass quickly. Average pace was 8:37.
  • 35 minutes of strength work at gym - I was pretty fatigued after my long run, but since I didn't get my quota of my strength work in earlier in the week, I had to suck it up.
  • 15 minutes of mindless cycling at gym I wanted to watch the Millrose Games on TV. Felt good to clear out my legs, pedal mindlessly and watch those talented runners fly.


  • Rest and recovery. Amazingly, I woke up feeling great. Cleaned my loft (NOT relaxing or restful). Ran errands. Caught up with friends.

Total mileage: 38.7 miles

What was your week of workouts like?