Workout recap and my Boston Marathon decision


Thanks everyone for your support, both here and on Instagram as I expressed having second thoughts about running the Boston Marathon in April. After much deliberation, I have decided to take a pass on Boston this year. As I mentioned, my heart just wasn't in training for it, whereas training for the shorter faster races makes my heart, body, and soul happy. (According to my poll, 67% of you also thought I shouldn't run, while 33% of you thought I should. Thanks to all who weighed in.)

Once I made my decision, I instantly felt lighter. I looked forward to every workout this week, even though some of them were doozies. I signed up for some spring races. Bottom line: you cannot do everything or be everything, in running or in regular life. Important to accept this.

This week's workouts

Coach has been working me hard past few weeks, now that I've almost rebuilt my base after a month of lower mileage. Time to start digging in again. Through trial and error, we've determined my body responds better to two weeks "on" with higher mileage and harder workouts, then 1 cutback week - lower mileage and slightly easier workouts. This is compared to the more common "3 weeks on/1 week off" schedule.

Here's what my training looked like last week: 

  • Monday: 4.03-mile aerobic run, 1 hour strength training
  • Tuesday: Track workout, 8.43 miles total: 2.39-mile warm up, running to Franklin Field, 8 x 400 with 400 recovery jogs in between, mostly at around 6:22 pace; then run easy back home
  • Wednesday: 5.05-mile aerobic run
  • Thursday: 7.09-mile aerobic run plus 4 x 100-meter strides
  • Friday: 8.51-mile progressive tempo x 2 run. 2 mile warm up, 12:00 at tempo (avg 7:31), 3:00 recovery jog, 12:00 at tempo (avg 7:24), easy miles back
  • Saturday: Rest. True confession: I was so tired I did not even leave the house until evening. 
  • Sunday: Long Run/Tempo. 2 miles easy; 10K at tempo (avg 7:26); 4 miles easy-ish home, avg 7:55; 40 minutes strength training


 Garmin recap from yesterday's long run with "hot sauce." 🌶 

Garmin recap from yesterday's long run with "hot sauce." 🌶 

I was still pretty fatigued when I woke up on Sunday, so it was a real struggle to get motivated to run that tempo in the middle of my long run. Plus ignoring my own advice on what to wear during cold weather, I overdressed. So I had to stop at Lloyd Hall, as I finished my warm-up miles, to take off my base layer tech T-shirt. I folded it, tucked into my tights, and wore it like a "tail" for the remainder of the run. I absolutely could not have run the tempo with all those layers. Choosing the right amount of clothing in the cold makes such a difference.

In the end, it was a super hard way to finish 2 hard weeks, but I'm so glad I powered through that long run with "hot sauce." Although most of my runs are easy aerobic runs, the intervals and tempo runs really zap me. Now, I get to recharge/recover with a cut back week. 

What is your hardest workout?