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The Stinger Review

I used to "ice massage" my weary running muscles by freezing water in empty plastic containers to make giant ice cubes. It was a good temporary solution, until said giant ice cubes started melting. Plus, they too cold to hold for very long. Not ideal....

 The Stinger in its packaging

The Stinger in its packaging

 Just in case you were wondering what my ceiling looks like

Just in case you were wondering what my ceiling looks like

The Stinger combines two of the most effective recovery tools- ice and massage. It's a clever idea. You pop the device in the freezer for a few hours then roll-roll-roll your niggly bits. The metal ball gets nice and icy, hence the name "The Stinger", while the plastic handle remains warm enough to comfortably grasp. It's about the size of your hand, so it's easy to grip and portable enough to take on trips.

You can also easily unscrew the base and use the metal ball solo to roll out your feet, etc. It's quite a versatile recovery tool, and somehow, it seems less daunting to me than than foam rolling. Foam rolling, though important and effective, often seems like such an acrobatic production, whereas "Stinger Rolling" is easy and minimal. 

The Stinger also has several (non-sanctioned) non-running uses:

  • For instant arty caché, place it on your coffee table and tell your guests you bought it at the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea
  • Keep The Stinger on your desk to use as a giant worry bead to relieve stress
  • Fortune tellers can use it as a makeshift crystal  ball to predict the future.
  • Remove it from the base and use it as a bocce ball (But seriously, don't)

I did a quick video review of The Stinger. Watch for Samba, one of my cats, as she photobombs my video! This was my first video, filmed on my phone, all in one take, so please be kind ;) I promise to work on my video skills.

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The Stinger retails for around $39, and you can grab one here.

What's your go-to recovery-massage technique? Have you tried the Stinger?