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Between my trip to Paris and being super-busy with my job, I've fallen a bit behind on reviews. But today I have a double feature StrideBox review for you. Plus, the nice folks at Stridebox have offered to give away free Strideboxes to two lucky readers! How nice is that? Fill out the Rafflecopter below and check back for winners. Reviews are after the contest Rafflecopter. Good luck!

if you're the kind of runner who likes trying the latest running gadgets, gizmos & fuel, you'll love StrideBox. It's a great value & a lot of fun - like getting a surprise each month.



May Stride Box

 May StrideBox contents. Sticker and recipe/workout cards are nice extras.

May StrideBox contents. Sticker and recipe/workout cards are nice extras.

May's box included a nice variety of items.  The HealthWarrior Pumpkin Seed Bar is made from all natural ingredients, vegan except for honey. It was super tasty and perfectly spiced – think of a more complex Larabar. It's a great post-workout snack to pack in your gym bag. I am already a huge fan of Salt Sticks: I buy the capsules in the bottle and use them in longer races to replace salt and electrolytes, especially when it's hot. I love the convenience of having them packed in a roll, like LifeSavers. This way, I can carry them on a long run and just chomp one to replace salt, etc. I'm also already a fan of GU-- and a huge fan of ginger, so I can't wait to try out the GU Gingerade Gel during one of my marathon training long runs. Speaking of long runs, I'll be adding the Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement to my water during a hotter summer run. Hopefully, I will not need the AI Tape, but it's nice to know I have it if I need it. Including a full-size package, valued at $24.99, was super generous. This was my favorite item. Last but not least, with summer here and Philly in full-on heat wave status (already!), I've packed the cooling towel in my car. Useful? Yes? Absorbent? Yes. Cooling? Nope. This is my least favorite thing in the box. The texture is weird. I'd rather just use a regular terry cloth towel. Plus, I think the burnt orange color is fugly. 

June Stride Box

 June StrideBox contents

June StrideBox contents

The Kakooies cookie was scrumptious. Vegan and made from whole foods, I ate it the same day the box arrived. I don't usually buy cookies but I would buy these. It was my favorite item in the box, mostly because I loved the taste so much. Luckily, I don't get leg cramps (or kramps), but I like energy chews so I'll try out Kramp Krusher during some long runs. I will be intrigued to try the Endurance Tap Energy Gel Alternative and see how my body likes itIt's basically a packet of maple syrup with some ginger and salt. The packet is a bit larger and more cumbersome than traditional gel packs, but if it works I will deal with it. The Spring "Electroride" Drink looks like a gel pack, but the instructions say to mix it with water, so I'll do as I'm told to take along during a summer marathon-training long run. It's made from apple juice, honey, coconut water, ginger juice, ginseng, mint, etc. Sounds yummy and easy on the tummy.  The Gorilly Goods Organic Snack is a pouch of trail mix – my downfall. (I could eat an entire bag of trail mix.) This mixture was extremely fresh and crunchy. Lastly, the mesh gear stuff sack looks like it would be perfect to store sweaty clothing in after a race. 

Not listed on the printout card, but they also threw in an extra Cal-EZ. I reviewed this calcium/vitamin D supplement in a previous box. You have to mix the powder with water. The taste is fine, but I dislike the chalky texture. I'd rather get my extra calcium from a traditional vitamin pill – or better yet, from kale or almond butter.

I sure have a lot of hydration and fuel to try out on my long runs! Follow my Instagram account to see my reviews on the fly. 

Cost Analysis

May StrideBox

May's total value of $41.44 exceeds the $15 subscription price by more than a whopping $26! This is the best-value box so far, thanks largely to a full size of the $25 retail AI tape.

  • HealthWarrior Pumpkin Seed Bar  $1.42
  • Salt Stick roll $3.00
  • GU Gingerade Gel $1.54
  • Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement $0.50
  • AI Tape: $24.99 – WOW!
  • Double-layer cooling towel 9.99 

Total retail value: $41.44 – Greatest value to date.

June StrideBox

June's total value of $22.05 exceeds the $15 subscription price by more than $7 – still a fantastic deal and you are still getting more than your money's worth. 

  • Kakooies $2
  • Kramp Krusher $2.99
  • Endurance Tap Energy Gel Alternative $2.88
  • Spring "Electroride" Drink $2.00
  • Gorilly Goods Organic Snacks $2.19
  • Mesh gear stuff sack 9.99 

Total retail value: $22.05

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