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StrideBox review time! StrideBox is a subscription box for runners. For $15 a month, you get a sampling of the latest gadgets, gizmos and nutrition for runners. The value almost always exceeds the price, and this month is no exception. And it's a great way to try out new products. Plus, it's fun to get a surprise in the mail each month, in between the bills and junk mail.


This Superfood Energy Bar looks tasty. All pronounceable ingredients. Gluten-free and vegan (aka, plant-based)


GU is my go-to brand for on-the-run fueling. I tend to prefer their "cafe-like" flavors (eg, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, salted caramel) over their fruity/veggie ones (Cucumber Mint was the worst!). I was excited to see Campfire S'mores in this month's box, which I will sample this weekend during my long run. Special added bonus: GU gels are vegan.


Tiger Balm is the modern-day, all natural version of BenGay. It basically uses camphor, menthol and capsicum (pepper) to distract your body and make aches seem less pain. Basically, the warm, tingling sensation in your muscles feels "bigger" than the pain. I'm hoping I never need this large patch, but I'm saving this in case I do. I'm not sure if Tiger Balm is vegan and cruelty free, but based on a light Google search, I think it is. (If anyone knows more, please comment.)


I used the Tiger Balm gel on my aching hammies, which have been chronically sore over the past few weeks. It really does the trick! It's a weird sensation. Be sure to wash your hands well after applying this and for God's sake, be careful not to touch your eyes!. Warning: it has a distinctive medicinal smell. But who cares if your aches and pains feel better?


Cute name, but I am wary of this recovery mix. 200 calories, Two of the first three ingredients are sugar. It contains powdered milk and only 7 grams of protein. I'd rather have a Vega smoothie for less calories and more protein. It's not vegan so I'll be giving it away.


I can't wait to give these zipper ear phones a try.  You "zip" the cord up or down so that it doesn't fly around when you are running. Genius. I'm always tucking my flapping headphone cords under my singlet.

UPDATE 9/24: I ran 16 miles this morning and wanted to use these to listen to podcasts during my journey. The zipper function? Cool. But the amount of noise these make from flapping around was so loud that it actually drowned out my podcast. The zipper function a great idea, but did anyone actually test these out? They are not good for running, though I can see how they would be useful for walking or using machines like the elliptical or bike at the gym. I will use them in the house for business calls.


So many hydration options available now. Nuun is my go to, but I gave ZipFizz a try this week after a hot, midday run. I like how tiny the package is – it's about the size of a lipstick. And Pink Grapefruit is one of my favorite flavors in the world: i guzzled it all right down. Delicious but a bit too sweet for me, so I added more water. Even though this contains caffeine, I was able to take a 15-minute nap not long after.

 Each Stridebox comes with a recipe card, a workout, and a sticker. This month's sticker is perfect for fall – a great time to hit the trails with the autumn colors 

Each Stridebox comes with a recipe card, a workout, and a sticker. This month's sticker is perfect for fall – a great time to hit the trails with the autumn colors 


This value of this month's Stridebox adds up to $21.88, exceeding the $15 subscription price by 6.99. So you are definitely getting more than your money's worth.

  • Redd Barr: $2.99
  • Gu: $1.50
  • Tiger Balm Patch: $1.00*
  • Tiger Balm Ointment $1.00*
  • Zip Fizz: $1.90
  • Skratch: $3.50
  • No-Tangle Zipper Ear buds: $9.99

Total value: $21.88

*Only the price for the ointment was listed on the card, so I looked online and used the mot common pricing for the patch.


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