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dynise balcavage, USATF running coach, age 51

I am a USATF-certified running coach and the author of 3 plant-based cookbooks. When I started running at age 45, I was pack fodder, but through hard work and consistency, I became a competitive road racer who regularly wins or podiums in my age group (currently 50-54). I also occasionally win races, period.

I can help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals whether you are totally new to running or you are a seasoned athlete, looking to improve your times or qualify for a specific race. I offer:

  • One-on-one running coaching: Unlimited emails, 2-3 phone call sessions, customized training plan, $175 a month
  • Nutritional guidance session: 1 hour dietary assessment, in-depth review of eating habits, nutrition goals, weight-management goals, lifestyle and exercise habits; micro and macronutrient and mineral needs; includes a customized grocery list created after the session, $70
  • Nutritional makeover: Includes nutritional guidance session (above), customized dietary analysis, weekly customized plant-based recipes/recommendations and grocery lists, plus eight 30-minute nutrition counseling phone sessions, 8 weeks for $350

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